Oceanside Land Use
Planning Consultant

Working in Oceanside since 1977

Need help with a small project?
Find your local government impossible to understand?
Need a public hearing?
Don’t understand how staff is interpreting the ordinances?

Elizabeth J. Graff (“Betty”) can help.

She has been involved with Oceanside since 1977.  She worked for the Redevelopment Agency, the Planning Department, Community Development Administration and in the City Manager’s Office.   She approached all of these positions from a planner's perspective. Most of those years were in the Planning Department supervising the processing of local development  projects.

She can put together applications for projects, communicate with staff about your issues; and if an expert in another area is needed, find one to assist.

Some of Betty's clients

-- High Performance Training Center


--Mohsens, Inc. (gas station and mini-mart)

--Gio Enterprises

--The Camp for Transformation

--Buggy Bath Car Wash and Mini Mart